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Welcome to the Boatersbook Blog by Captain Jerr Dunlap

Welcome to The Boatersbook Blog!

I'm Captain Jerr Dunlap, a U.S.C.G. certified 50 ton master of vessel and a boatwright, specializing in electrical, structural, rigging and woodwork in boats. 

In this regular series of articles, I will be discussing common issues to boaters, from maintenance and seamanship to fun things to do on the water safely. I will keep a rotating ten articles up at a time. You will be learning how to do things professionally and have practical, factual information that's standard practice among professionals. I enjoy teaching and look forward to answering your questions here.

Please feel free to ask constructive questions in the comment section of each article. If you have suggestions for an article or would like help with a specific issue, contact me either through my page here on the BoatersBook, on their app or directly through my website I am available for consultation, boat projects and captain's services.